Syrian family settling into Stouffville

Syrian family arrives in Toronto Airport

Fandis family arrival

Refugees at home
Family in Stouffville home

The Fandis, a family of six from Daraa, a city of 100,000 hit hard by the Syrian civil war, is sponsored by Stouffville Cares.

The family arrived at Pearson International Monday, following a 14-hour flight. Volunteers from Stouffville Cares met them at a Mississauga hotel and brought them to their new home Tuesday.

“The Fandi family are now in their home and settling in,” said Rev. Joan Masterton of Stouffville Cares. “They are all lovely people … open, warm, affectionate, and very, very grateful.”

“They know now that they are not alone; they are surrounded by an army of Stouffville Cares friends.”

Volunteers from the organization were contacted by the Canadian government over the weekend, who informed them of the family’s itinerary.

In preparation for their arrival, a Stouffville home has been furnished with donations from the community.

Waiting for each of the four children on their beds was a teddy bear.

Stouffville Cares, which has been fundraising and preparing to welcome a family since last fall, would like to thank area churches, residents, businesses, community groups and others for their support, Masterton said.

Credit: Stouffville Sun-Tribune

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