We await our first family – thanks to you!

Since Stouffville Cares was launched in September, much has been accomplished.

Thanks to you.

Our original goal was to help bring a family from the Middle East to Stouffville.

A small working group at St. James Presbyterian Church adopted a motion made by the church’s session to that effect last spring.

Since then:

  • The group has expanded greatly. We had 35 people at our last general meeting, people from a wide range of backgrounds. Some are from churches. Some are not. They live in communities across Whitchurch-Stouffville.
  • Our Nov. 28 launch event packed Morris Hall at St. James with 150 supporters from across our community.
  • As of Christmas Eve, we have received more than $39,000 in donations. Our initial goal of $30,000 has been accomplished in such a short period of time. We expact our family to arrive in Stouffville in Late February. We are now working on sponsoring a second family.
  • We have found a landlord in stouffville who is willing to rent to a refugee family. The house will become available early in the new year, so we don’t need to rent it now.
  • We’ve received a pledge from someone to contribute $1,000/month for 12 months for the rent and to work with colleagues to find the other half of the rent; such generosity! The exact rent has yet to be finalized but we think we’re close.
  • We have received an offer of employment for the breadwinner of the family – an early opportunity to work and earn a modest income until they can find their feet and job-hunt for something more specific to their particular skills, whatever those may be.
  • There have also been many offers of personal service for the family – from psychotherapists teachers for tutoring purposes to lawyers etc. etc. Such talents are contained in the community of Stouffville; is it not remarkable to see them shared and focused on helping one family in need?!

Thanks to you!
Stouffville really does Care.

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